Recommended Business Trip Security Tips:

While most business trips occur (thankfully) without incident, a recent rise in incidents involving foreign business visitors to Mexico and Latin America at large signals a need to add special precautions when conducting business in the area.

Maintain a Low Profile at All Times

1.) Avoid attracting attention.
2.) Don’t display jewelry, luxury watches, or expensive attire.
3.) Refrain from displaying the contents of your wallet in public areas.

Maintain Discretion at All Times

1.) Do not openly discuss your business trip or personal life with strangers
2.) Avoid political conversations with EVERYONE
3.) Avoid divulging your hotel name and room to anyone not needing that information

Avoid Public Transportation

1.) Use private transportation services where your location can be easily tracked, and your driver’s information and picture is readily available.
2.) Provide up-to-date itinerary information to a trusted colleague not accompanying you on the trip.
3.) Do not use shared transportation options. A relatively new scam involves a driver picking someone else up en route, who in turn robs you. The driver acts as shocked as you are, but in reality, is in cahoots with the perpetrator.

Stay Alert in Traffic

1.) Maintain extra vigilance at traffic lights and intersections.