Business Intelligence
Janus Group - Mexico’s Intelligence Services

The Janus Group - Mexico provides a customized, comprehensive and economical solution in Mexico for our clients’ intelligence needs.

The Janus Group – Mexico maintains a proprietary intelligence network in Mexico that allows us to access data on individuals and companies throughout the country, not just restricted to individual states or cities. This is an important element in Mexico, where intelligence is often only supported on a state-wide basis. A company or individual can appear to have a clean record, whereas in reality, issues have occurred in other areas.

Our team includes career police, military and intelligence experts with a proven track record in business intelligence.

The Janus Group – Mexico provides our clients with timely, vetted and accurate due diligence that’s critical to protecting business reputation and continuity. We are experienced and well positioned to identify and analyze data that helps our clients avoid potential violations, legal liability, brand erosion, reputational damage and monetary loss.

Diverted product (gray market goods) can be quite costly for an organization. The Janus Group - Mexico has successfully identified back channel sales to the gray market for our clients. Our team works closely with our clients’ internal departments to seize product and minimize brand erosion

The Janus Group - Mexico provides the following Intelligence services:

  • Customized Threat Assessments
  • Threat Monitoring and Reporting
  • Surveillance Services
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Continuity
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Product Diversion (Gray Market Goods)
  • Consulting Services

For more information on The Janus Group - Mexico’s Intelligence services please contact us.